Final episode Private Matter Previously Unavailable out March 8

The third and final episode of the EP-trilogy Private Matter Previously Unavailable will be released March 8 on vinyl and online. The date also marks the start of a European tour across the Switzerland, UK, Germany, France and Belgium. See all the dates in the tour section. Preorder the limited edition vinyl here.


Drones In My Bones is the first single, check it out below:

private matter previously Unavailable pt.2

Surprise, Private Matter Previously Unavailable part 2 is here!

Stream or buy here:

Artwork by Geoff J. Kim
Mixed at EpicRainbowUnicornStudio
Mastered by Frederik Dejongh


EU TOUR 2018

I'm kicking off the tour at ESNS. Added a few Germany dates, here's the updated list. Get your tickets now.


The Waydown

Happy New Year to you all! Here's a new one, smoothly sliding into 2018. It will be on the P.M.P.U. part 2 EP, to be released very soon.


These dark december days give room for contemplation. This beautiful planet gives us so much but instead of living in harmony with it, we destroy it. This song is about the irony of it. 
Leaving this here with you... let's nurture nature.

EU Tour 2018

I'll be touring allover Europe soon, can't wait! Who's coming? Get your tickets now!



Time for a new video: this one is called 'Rhythmiconomy'. I tossed a multitude of time signatures in the mix and this is the puzzling result. Enjoy!

private matter previously unavailable pt. 1

Thrilled to finally, finally share my first studio recordings with you! I took the time to discover who I want to be as an artist. With so many possibilities, it's not easy to walk that walk in a straight line. I'm happy to say this EP is a mirror that reveals my true musical self. The process i went through is one i had to get used to. It surprised me, scared me and challenged me but I've conquered it. I want to thank all of you who helped me make this, and all of you who were patient enough to wait till now.

Listen to ‘Private Matter Previously Unavailable part 1’ right here:

Order vinyl:


In Dust / in us (Official video)

Here's something i am super proud of. Good friend and amazingly talented video artist Rogier van der Zwaag (check out his other work!) made this video for me. Every shot was composed in a fish tank, with rice paper, string, condensed milk and food coloring the only props.

Make sure to watch the making of as well, right HERE.

Little nerves feat. Niels Broos

Another track from the upcoming EP played live in one take; this one is called 'Little Nerves'.
Niels Broos deserves all the credit for making this my personal favourite.

In DUST / in US

Here it is, my new video for In Dust / In Us!

debut ep out october 13th

Yes! October 13th will mark the release of my first EP: Private Matter Previously Unavailable part 1.
It will be available on limited colour vinyl through Vinyl Digital, and online through Kobalt Music.

Preorder limited vinyl HERE

1. Little Nerves
2. Heartbreaks from the Black of the Abyss (feat. Luwten)
3. In Dust / In Us
4. Jakes Journey
5. All the Times

Artwork by Geoff J. Kim

Heartbreaks from the black of the abyss
Feat. Luwten

So happy to finally share this one with you; the first of many more to come: Heartbreaks from the Black of the Abyss. I’ve been hibernating quite a while to write my own songs, and this is the first result. LUWTEN is a longtime friend of mine, and I just love her voice.